Defensive Driving Texas Defensive Driving Video DVD Course Online or In Person!
You have three ways to take your defensive driving course.  DVD/VHS, Online or In Person.




DVD/Video Defensive Driving

DriveSafe now offers your defensive driving course on video or dvd for $25! The LOWEST PRICE allowed by State law! Dismiss your traffic ticket and reduce your insurance rates with our State-approved defensive driving video course and do it in the comfort of your home. Delivered to your front door with NO LATE FEES! In fact you don't even have to return it and once you complete the course you can receive your certificate OVERNIGHT!

Some of the benefits of the DriveSafe defensive driving video course are:

  • Delivered to Your Front Door - Order it online or by phone at 1-800-460-1398 and have it delivered to your front door.
  • No Returns - Once you're done with course you don't have to return it. Pass it on to a friend or keep in case you need it again.
  • No Late Fees - Unlike Blockbuster® we don't charge late fees, in fact we let you keep the dvd or vhs when you're done.
  • State and Court Approved - Our defensive driving video courses are accepted by all courts in Texas for traffic ticket dismissal.
  • Lowest Price Allowed by State Law - DriveSafe offers you the lowest price for a Texas State certified defensive driving video course only $25. In fact. this is the lowest price allowed for any type of defensive driving course in Texas.
  • Convenience - Take the DriveSafe video course in the comfort of your home. A dvd or vhs player and touch tone telephone are required to take the course. You may kick back in your recliner or relax in bed while taking this course.
  • Set Your Schedule - You set your own schedule. Take the course all at once or in increments of any size, it's that flexible.
  • Overnight Delivery of Your Certificate of Completion - Are you up against the wall? We can deliver your Certificate of Completion to you via FEDEX overnight. Complete the course and call by 3 p.m. the day you complete it and we can overnight your Certificate of Completion to you. You can either order & pay for the overnight certificate while registering or order by phone after completing the course.
  • Insurance Discounts - With the DriveSafe defensive driving video course you may qualify for an insurance discount. Most insurance companies offer up to 10% off by completing our course. Ask your insurance agent if you qualify.

A DVD or VHS player and a Touch tone telephone are required to complete this course.

Any student who has an out of state driver license or out of state license plate must complete and return an affidavit to us before receiving a certificate.

Click to order your DVD or VHS video defensive driving course now!
Click to order your DVD or VHS video defensive driving course now!

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